Tag: Starpoint Clockwork Riders


  • Croburan

    Croburan is the Wing Commander of the Starpoint Clockwork Riders. Like most Riders, he is leggy, wiry, strong and light. He is 6'2" and weighs 190 lbs. He keeps his ink-black hair cropped short and his leaf-green eyes betray his partially-elven heritage.

  • Dashla

    Dashla's midnight-colored mane of hair is set off by her startling, starlight-colored eyes. Her parents believed her to be blessed by Desna, but if that is the case, it has not yet been made apparent to her. She is constantly bothered by dreams of falling …

  • Killich

    Killich is athletic and restless, and hates staying still for long. His fiery personality doesn't at all match up with his soft, sad blue eyes and clumsily-cut sand-colored hair. He stands 6' and weighs 180 lbs.