The Explored Land Book 2 - Careless Allies and Careful Enemies

The Army of City One

Total Size: 2,500
Racial Makeup: Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, Elves, Hobgoblins, Ogrekin, Dwarves, and Humans
Expert Flankers: Your army is skilled at surrounding the foe and distracting them, at the cost of spreading out too much and being more vulnerable. Increase its OM by 2, and decrease its DV by 2.
Sniper Support: Your army holds some ranged units in reserve to attack a target enemy army during the Melee phase. If your army damages the target army in the Melee phase, it deals 2 additional points of damage from these ranged attacks.
Withdraw: Your army tries to escape from all armies attacking it. The army attempts an opposed Morale check against each army attacking it to maintain discipline (any army may voluntarily fail this check), but doesn’t need to attempt the usual Morale check to change tactics when switching to withdraw. If all of these checks are successful, your army may withdraw from the battlefield or treat the phase as a Ranged phase. If only some are successful, you may withdraw or treat the phase as a Ranged phase, but enemy armies in the battle may attack you as if you were in Melee. Whether or not the checks are successful, reduce your army’s OM and DV by 2 for the rest of this phase.
Special Abilities:
Weapon Specialization: Once per battle, increase the army’s OM for either ranged or melee attacks by 2.
Devout: Increase OM and DV by 1 if a Gorumite leads them in prayer before battle, or, in the case of a surprise attack, if they are being led by a Gorumite. Decrease OM and DV by 1 if there is no pre-battle prayer, or if they are being led by someone of a different faith.
Fierce: Once per battle, when they would otherwise be demoralized, the army can call on the reserves of its faith to keep their spirits high and fight on as normal.
Inspired Brutality: Once per battle, the army can increase their damage on a single attack by 1/2 their ACR (minimum 1).
Healing Potions: Each unit is equipped with several healing potions. At any point during a battle (but no more than twice per battle), the commander can order her units to drink their potions. The army doesn’t attempt an Offense check that phase, but heals a number of hit points equal to twice its ACR.
Improved Armor: The army is armed with masterwork armor, increasing their DV by 1
Improved Weapons: The army is armed with masterwork weapons, increasing their OM by 1
Ranged Weapons: The army is equipped with bows, and can make attacks at range


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