The Explored Land Book 2 - Careless Allies and Careful Enemies

The Lord's Iron

Also known as True Iron, this dull-gold-colored alloy consists of equal parts star metal and melted-down plague gears. Star metal is an extremely dense but very brittle ore found mostly in the Bluemoss Mountains, though lesser striations have been mined in the south, near Battlesport. Plague gears are harvested from the bodies of the victims of the arcane sickness known as the clockwork plague, and are made of iron and a carbon-based material not unlike superhard gemstones.

While neither material is particularly useful by itself, when smelted into a 50/50 alloy they form an extremely dense and ultrahard material that can be forged into a weapon or suit of armor. Weapons fashioned from True Iron have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 30. Armor made from True Iron grants its wearer damage reduction of 3/— if it’s light armor, 4/— if it’s medium armor, and 5/— if it’s heavy armor. Due to it being forged partially from metal that is generated by an arcane sickness, True Iron weapons and armor must always be magic, with at least a +1 enhancement. This added cost is included in the prices given below. Thus, True Iron weapons and ammunition automatically have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls. Items without metal parts cannot be made from True Iron e.g., an arrow could be made of True Iron, but a quarterstaff could not.

Due to its extraordinary density, True Iron weapons and armor are both stronger and much heavier than their steel counterparts, weighing 50% more and having 50% more hit points. Because of this, no weapons that qualify for use with the Weapon Finesse feat can be made of True Iron, and armor made with it imposes an additional -4 Armor Check penalty on top of any other penalty the item would have if constructed normally. Also, its innate magical properties have a high chance of interfering with arcane spellcasting, adding 30% arcane spell failure chance on top of what the item would already have if manufactured with typical materials. True Iron has 60 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 30.

Weapons and armor made from True Iron automatically receive the following qualities:

  • Weakness to cold damage
  • Weakness to sonic damage
  • Can be affected by the spell Shatter as if it were a crystalline life form
  • Resist force: 5
  • Immune to fire damage and heat, up to and including spells like Heat Metal
  • Does an additional 1d4 damage just from sheer weight and power of impact

Type of True Iron Item || Price Modifier
Ammunition +100 gp per item
Light armor +12,800 gp
Medium armor +16,000 gp
Heavy armor +24,000 gp
Weapon +4,800 gp


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