The Explored Land Book 2 - Careless Allies and Careful Enemies

The Fractalverse

The Masters' out-of-control experiment

The Fractalverse (or “Fractal Tree”) was originally started as an experiment in universe creation by the High Elohim known as The Masters, who are a Sequence of seven Elohim granted mythic power by Animon (see: Elementalism) so they could have a laboratory in which to create new forms of life and eventually give birth to vessels for the continuance of their own fallow race. Animon granted them this power after they had completed a great task whose nature is unknown, then enlisted Pondulon and Aevum to assist in setting strict boundaries on what The Masters were given so as to preempt any kind of takeover schemes or other malfeasance.

Unbeknownst to Animon, though, The Masters created their universe as a Fractal construct, giving them the power and freedom to build infinite worlds while still staying within the bounds of their granted space. It took them a very long time to work out the particulars of this scheme, though, and it was only after millennia of failures that they arrived at a formula that would allow them to make a world, watch it unfold, then freeze it in time, and repeat. Inhabitants of the land would view it as the apocalypse, but The Masters would see it simply as the end of one experiment cycle and the beginning of another one; just one more step in their methodical quest to create their idea of a perfect and subservient world.

Lately, though, unintended consequences of their experiment have given them pause – the denizens of the land have somehow created their own gods, and other gods from strange and distant planes have interfered, looking for a raw, untrammeled universe to claim as their own. At first these incursions could be handled as a matter of course, but now they are combining, and coming more rapidly, forcing the Elohim to get personally involved, something they are loathe to do.



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