The Explored Land Book 2 - Careless Allies and Careful Enemies

The Alterverse

Strange perpendicular CC-1 toroidal multiverse

A separate multiverse contained wholly within the larger multiverse (and giving credence to the theory of fractal or recursive multiversality) that has physical and metaphysical laws obeying CC-1 (cosmological constant minus 1), making travel to and within it extremely dangerous for native inhabitants of any other ’verse. Only the Elemental Gods may safely traverse it, and even they must use caution. The only mortal race to frequent the Alterverse are the business-oriented Boskalans, engineers to a thousand different planes and places. It is the Alterverse that birthed the Androids now seen in The Explored Land of The Masters, and gave rise to Unity, the collective mind of six mutated Boskalan elders, now exiled and hunted by the true Boskalan people.



downrightamazed downrightamazed

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