Undeadish Barbarian from Faerganwwg


Born to a surfy human mother and a drow father some nineteen years ago.

Relgan had a bit of a temper and got into a bit of trouble in Faeganwwg when fresh out of puberty. As a stronger and sturdier lad he was volunteered to help out at some of the mines to ‘use up some of that energy of his’.

During one of his stints he met an old dwarf prisoner, Vek, who taught him how to compartmentalize his anger. To feed it all into a metaphorical bottle, ready and waiting for when Relgan really needed it.

With a little training and some practice her started to get a hold of the technique. Eventually, while in Faerganwwg, he’d be a well behaved young lad. Clearly a little hard work was working wonders on him.

Eventually he ran across a lot of passing adventures concerned about an issue in regards to the well being of Faerganwwg that no one else cared about…